Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Parent Coaching

Often times we are faced with parenting challenges that we do not know the answers to and we just struggle and resign ourselves to do nothing. George has over 20 years experience in the helping professions and can answer your questions. He can show you how to parent more intuitively and effectively.

George uses an attachment parenting and child-centered approach to parenting that respects and honors the child's thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. He is an empathetic and intuitive therapist with the ability to "see" beyond the symptoms of behavior to the soul of the child. George coaches the entire family to reach their highest potential as a loving family. He does this through observation of the family and how the members interact with one another. And also through a feedback session of what he "sees" the family's challenges to be.

George then draws up a parenting plan that includes homework for the family to complete. Lastly, he does a follow up session to see how the family has been able to incorporate the goals set in the parenting plan. Follow up sessions are key to maintain the new family lifestyle and to answer any new questions or challenges that arise.If you're interested in parent coaching, write for your free parent coaching questions.

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